"1001 Nights"

"In collaboration with Abu Dhabi classics, La PAROLE Art Gallery has the pleasure and honor of displaying its collection made especially for the visit of the Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse with Turgan Sokhiev and Edgar Moreau. "1001 Nights".


Our participation in “1001 Nights Art Exhibition”,  would be conducted by Artists from several nationalities and distinct artistic schools. They express their artistic particularity (each one in their own way) through various inputs and varied techniques as indicated by the exhibition theme: "1001 Nights”.

The goal of the exhibition is to display the artistic diversity existing, shaped and materialized in the UAE in general, and permanently gathered under the roof of “La PAROLE Art Gallery” in particular. That is by highlighting the Schools of Art represented by the performance of the artists, and opening new horizons for both artists and people.

In addition to well-known artists in the UAE, “La PAROLE Art Gallery” will present the names of other artists featuring their works for the first time in Abu Dhabi. Works ranging from oil, acrylic, and mixed media.

Our participating artists:
Ashwin Pillai. Arsnecopinata. Aliya Batshone. Ali Hammad. B'lu. Claude Habib. Florian Messner. Gebran Hidaya. Hazem Abutawila. Jivan Hovhannisian. Liliya Chigara. Nadia Chigara. Noor Mousa. Nidal Kh...addour.

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