Fashion Design

For Ladies

Adults 15 years & up

Fashion Drawing - 4 weeks:

1-  Introduction to Fashion Drawing 

2- Technical Fashion drawing

3- Fashion Illustration 

4- Creative Fashion Illustration: Developing your own style


Draping - 4 weeks:

1- The Draping Techniques and Draping the Basic Bodice

2- Draping a Basic Pencil Skirt and a Dress

3- Realization of the sketch through the Draping technique

4- Creative Draping experimentation


Sewing - 4 weeks:

1- The Sewing Machine and Sewing Skills

2- Transfer a Drape to a Pattern Paper and Cutting Basics 

3- Sewing Techniques and Starting the Sewing Project

4- Final Sewing Project

Present the Final Portfolio

Fees per month: 2520 AED/8 sessions

Sunday and Wednesday

6:30pm to 8:10 pm for Adults

Workshop period: 3 Months

prior registration is required: 052-1565954 / 10am - 9pm


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