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Artist Mostafa Rabie

Mostafa Rabie was born in Minya, Egypt in 1992. He earned a degree in Information Systems in 2013.  Mostafa started participating in art events and exhibitions at the age of 17 .

His family and his environment tremendously influenced his work. 

Mostafa loves to express himself through various mediums.  His work was initially in black and white, however, at a later stage he started to use colour through watercolors, colored ink, and mixed media. 

Mostafa Rabie is a recepient of several awards of which are Rose al Youssef Prize and The Cairo Opera House Salon Prize in 2016.  His work makes part of private collections in Egypt, France, Netherlands and Qatar.

He participated in more than 30 group and solo exhibitions.  His work was showcased in several local and international exhibitions in Egypt, Tunisia, Qatar, Netherlands, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Nigeria, Kuwait and Canada.

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