Solo Exhibition

In the presence of Mr. Yasser Al Gargawi, Director of Cultural Events, La PAOROLE Art Gallery proudly presents artist Katharina arsnecopinata Moeller in solo.



Artist Statement, Art Note and Profile of Arsnecopinata - 2017
“I am glad I never went to an art school, simply because I would not have followed their
beaten path.”
- Arsnecopinata


The French intellectual George Bataille's words that “the absence of myth has in itself
become the myth of the modern age” best describes Arsnecopinata's attempts in the
contemporary art scene. She draws up a world that is pictorial representation of everything
that passes her mind.

Katharina 'arsnecopinata' Möller

ars necopinata - unexpected, surprising art (Latin).

Arsnecopinata was born 1982 in the east part of Germany. She spent some years travelling and experiencing a lot around the world, including living in China for a time. Her life has now led her to be settled in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Since the time she could hold a pen, she expressed herself through painting and all kind of arts and crafts, even writing poetry and short stories. She thinks, and her every thought is in pictures, lending to her mainly surrealistic style.

Arsnecopinata works with varying media, loves experimenting with and combining different materials. Murals and mosaics, collages, paintings and drawings have been shared in several exhibitions in Germany, UK and now in UAE.She also creates illustrations for magazines and brochures, CD covers, poster designs and logo designs.

Since 2014 arsnecopinata is founding member and organizer of AD Arts Collective, in 2016 she joined with Henosis, an amalgamated world of dreamers who wish to bring forth a new dimension of morphed reality… providing a new face of art services.

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Opening night: November 6, 2017, 7pm aLa PAROLE Art Gallery.

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